Having used Retinol comfortably for years, I decided to jump in with Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye 6 (also available in 3 and 10) As with all vitamin A products, you have to ease your skin in, so I incorporated Medik8’s eye cream into my evening routine twice a week for a fortnight. Vitamin A is a potent ingredient, so building up your usage over time gives your skin time to adjust and minimises any irritation. 

I do want to flag that Medik8 has used retinaldehyde, which is much closer to retinoic acid (the type of vitamin A our skin responds to). For simplicity I refer to vitamin A as ‘retinol’ throughout the review as it’s the umbrella term that so many of us use. The brand has spent years on this formulation to ensure it provides all the benefits of retinaldehyde without irritating the delicate eye area. 

Over the two weeks of using Medik8’s cream, I noted that my eye area felt smoother. The formula has the texture of a very light creamy serum. If you like your eye creams to feel light, almost like a serum, you’ll enjoy Medik8’s Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye Cream. I used a pea-size amount across both eyes and gently tapped it onto my skin after cleansing before bed. 

It’s clear that Medik8 has put a lot of work into this formula, and I have no doubt that it’s going to be as much of a success as the face serum.


Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye has been totally optimised to deliver retinal power to the delicate skin around the eyes. The eye cream targets signs of ageing specific to this area of the face; deep-set crows feet wrinkles, loss of firmness, dark circles, puffiness, dehydration lines and sensitivity. 

1. This innovative vitamin A eye cream features a twin-encapsulated retinal delivery system; two forms of retinal encapsulation come together to produce an ultra-slowed down, gradient-release of retinal into the skin. This minimises any potential for irritation, ensuring that Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye is extra gentle on the delicate eye area.

2. Ceramides work to nourish, visibly firm and support the thinner skin around the eye area overnight, helping to offset any dryness and sensitivity that can sometimes occur with vitamin A use. Ceramides are naturally found in our skin’s barrier, therefore replenish the skin with ease.

3. Next-generation hydrators hyaluronic acid filling spheres provide fast visible smoothing results. Prior to application onto the skin, the spheres are dehydrated. Once in the skin, they fill up with water and inflate, expanding within the depth of lines and wrinkles. This boost in volume can help to quickly visibly plump any tell-tale signs of ageing around the eye area overnight.

4. Chamomile extract is a soothing natural antioxidant that helps to support, comfort and calm the delicate eye area overnight.

If you’re looking to minimise deep lines and wrinkles and brighten dark circles, I think Merrick eight crystal retinal ceramide eye Merrick eight crystal retinal ceramics eye would be a wise investment – just start slowly and don’t forget your SPF the next morning!