7 skincare mistakes

7 of the biggest mistakes you’re making with your skincare regime

Womens Health recently caught up with us at Jacqueline Brennan to find out what are the biggest mistakes we see our clients making with their skincare routine. If your keen to find out more please keep reading! https://www.womenshealth.com.au/biggest-skincare-mistakes’

Jacqueline Brennan is a pro beauty therapist and owner of Jacqueline Brennan in Mosman, so it’s her job to get up close and personal with the skincare mistakes we’re making on the daily. She’s shared with us the blunders she sees most often.

1. Doing what your girlfriend does

Two skins are never the same. Allow a professional to decide what’s good for your skin.

2. Forgetting about your neck, décolletage and hands

We have so much environmental exposure, that’s why it’s important to protect and treat them.

3. Over-exfoliating

Don’t over-treat your skin with anything such as chemical peels, lasers, twice-a-day Clarisonics, or scrubs.

4. Not protecting your face with SPF

Also, make sure you don’t forget SPF on hands, ears, and feet!

5. Skipping your nightly face wash

Our face picks up more pollutants and grime than you’d think during the day, even if you don’t wear makeup. While you’re sleeping, your skin regenerates, meaning it rubs off dead skin cells and builds new ones. When you have buildup of makeup or other pollutants, it makes it hard for your skin to get rid of those dead skin cells.

6. Being too rough with your eyes

Eye makeup can be really stubborn, especially if it is waterproof. The skin around your eyes is very thin and very susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. When you scrub them with makeup remover or pull on the skin a lot it will start to sag early. A good tip is to use a pre-oil cleanser to remove eye makeup!

7. Using hot water

When winter rolls around, nothing seems more relaxing than a hot shower or bath. But hot water dehydrates your skin, making it itchy and dry. Instead take a lukewarm shower and blot your face dry, instead of scrubbing it with the towel.